【Jelly pro】Android 8.1 Oreo へのアップデート。ファクトリーリセットが必要!

Unihertzが7月13日に「Jelly Pro」のAndroid 8.1 OreoへのOSアップデート配信開始したようです。


[Android 8.1 software update for Jelly Pro is available now!]

Dear All,

After continuous effort for past several months, we are glad to announce the Android 8.1 software update for Jelly Pro is available now!

You can upgrade your Jelly Pro by “Settings->About phone->Wireless Update”

Please find the detail update information below:

Version: Unihertz_Jelly-Pro_20180712/Unihertz_Jelly-Pro_N_20180712


1. Add Flip to mute(Settings->Smart Assistant->Flip to mute);

2. Add Face ID(Settings->Security & location->Face ID);

3. Add Google Keep app;


1. Remove Settings->Background task clear;

2. Remove Settings->Battery saving mode;

3. Remove Settings->Network access control;

4. Remove Settings->Buttons;

5. Remove Backup and restore/Email/Browser/Gallery apps;


Due to big difference in data structure/storage location between Android N and Android O, some settings may be changed during the update.

Including but not limited to:

1. Home screen wallpaper may be restored to default wallpaper;

2. WiFi APs may be forgotten, need to connect it again with password;

3. Paired Bluetooth devices may be forgotten, need to pair it again;

4. WiFi hotspot may be closed if opened before FOTA;

5. DuraSpeed may be switched off;

6. Brightness level(Settings->Brightness level) and Sleep time(Settings->Display->Sleep) may be restored to default value;


To avoid any data lost, strongly suggest to backup your personal data/settings before firmware update!!!!

To reduce the pressure on the FOTA server, the new update will be released in batches. If you do not receive it, please just wait for several days. Thanks for your understanding.








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